Cryogenics for more eco-friendly trucks


Cryolor designs and manufactures equipment for the storage, transportation, and vaporization of liquefied "gases": oxygen, hydrogen, argon, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), and nitrogen. Their "Thermosiphon" tanks are particularly reliable and innovative. They are often used for LNG refuelling stations. Cryogenic pumps directly connected to the tanks, can be immediately started thanks to the Thermosiphon technology, with reduced heat losses.
Recently, Air Liquide advanced Business joined forces with Cryolor launch clean LNG and nitrogen transportation solutions. LNG is a clean and economic alternative to diesel for road freight, especially when it is produced from biogas. Nitrogen is used to cool refrigerated trucks in Air Liquide's Blueeze solution: the truck's box is cooled by the circulation of liquid nitrogen with no polluting emissions.

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