Aiming for more eco-responsible practices, taking on new challenges that are firmly rooted in our everyday lives: Air Liquide advanced Business & Technologies is opening up new horizons. What we could only imagine yesterday is now possible.

Extending our range of technologies

In concrete terms, this means making cryogenics a driver for innovative solutions, not just in science, but also in medicine and industry. It means finding alternative methods for freight, with vehicles that pollute less thanks to liquid nitrogen and natural gas.

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100% hydrogen-powered logistics: a first for Europe!


All-hydrogen logistics may already be all the rage in the USA and Canada, but it is also starting to gain traction in Europe with the first large-scale projects. As an example, Prelocentre – which provides a fruit and vegetable logistics service for the Grand Frais chain in France – uses hydrogen to run all goods handling devices in Prelocentre, its warehouse in Saint-Cyr-en-Val near Orléans. A European first!

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expert's voice


Ed Sanders: Membrane technology has a bright future


Air Liquide advanced Separations' Innovation Manager/CTO & International Fellow, Ed Sanders, has new ambitions for 2016: to launch a new clean technology for purifying natural gas and to meet our future energy needs.

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Air Liquide: partnering research to expand the realm of possibilities


Studying the properties of matter, making objects or fluids levitate, pushing back the limits of nuclear magnetic resonance, developing superconductive materials; The opportunities opened up by the hybrid magnet being built at the CNRS National Laboratory for Intense Magnetic Fields (LNCMI) in Grenoble are vast. Air Liquide contributed to this unprecedented adventure by supplying the cryogenics that the magnet requires.

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